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Web Development

Web Development



Reality development is concerned with every job, that is programming on the site,

or Meaning the job behind the window, as what they say, every job means site

programming is "developed" by the website developer.


 such as using the master server rolls and linking them to databases and making

different applications and web applications and all forms in the site.


Programming the site is a big topic and somewhat more difficult than design,

because development will depend on programming languages, most of which

are languages ​​directed by objects.


 such as PHP, ASP, Perl, and you need to understand the basics of

programming, which will be difficult for some.


The development of the content of the site, but its correct meaning in the

world of the web is the programming of sites, and the development of

their programming, not the information content for them, which we agreed.


 would be the role of the designer in the event of an agreement with

the site owner who is responsible for changing the content of the site.


Charisma has the most skilled programmers and site developers,

it offers the simplest way to you, she is always here to help.


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