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Web Development

Web Development

Web Development

The development of a reality that is concerned with all programming work on the site or means the work of the Mapigolo monitoring network.

Each programming site means a "development" function sold by a developer such as using the main server files and linking them to databases and making various web applications and all forms or forms on the site. Great website programming.

The design topic is somewhat difficult because developmental relationships on programming languages, most of them.

They are "PHP, ASP, Perl" language-oriented objects that need to understand
the basics of programming, which is difficult for some.

The development of website content, but its meaning in the web world is programming and developing websites.

Programming, not information content, and we agreed that it is the role of the designer in the event of an agreement. With the website owner who is responsible for changing the content or the site it must be available at the developer.

The developer must be of course, he is fluent in basic languages: HTML - XHTML - CSS PHP is the first number in the world.

By Microsoft ASP.NET. When we talk about server languages, we need to talk about management systems. Whether course, the choice of one of these systems depends on the type of server language used.

Requires knowledge of the basics and commands of the SQL language, the language of communication with databases.

The developer prefers knowledge of some Modern Ajax - RSS and Ajax technologies especially because the AJAX receiver is still very much needed.

In the web development field, all required languages ​​are limited because sometimes bacon is required to know other languages ​​such as XML, ADO or UML. However, written languages ​​are very basic. For FMS, the developer must have a great knowledge of Photoshop, Flash or graphics programs.

You are able to use Dreamweaver and if dealing with Microsoft's environment must be professional with Visual Studio.