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Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

The AdSense platform is used by website owners and bloggers to show Google ads on their sites.

When a visitor clicks on an ad, the site owner gets some money for it.

A portion of the amount paid by the advertiser on the Google AdWords network is deducted from the owner of the site from which he or she visited.

For example, suppose a company sells a website reservation service and uses the Google AdWords platform to advertise its services, paying $ 2 per click on their ads.

A programming site (for example) introducing educational materials on programming and application development, and a Google Adsense shared programming site as a means of collecting money for its services.

A programming site runs Google ads on its pages.

"When a reader clicks on one of our ads, the site will receive $ 1.36, or 68%, or the amount placed by the online reservation services company, and the remaining $ 32% will be paid by Google. These accounts are accounts for clarification and do not reflect the truth ".